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About Us

Cobtec have over 40 years experience of providing the best possible service in cubicle hardware and ironmongery.

We work with companies from major brands to small independents to help them build their next project. We genuinely care about each project, so you get our absolute commitment to receive the best possible service at the lowest possible price.


Established in 1976


Family Owned


ISO 9001 Accredited


Quick Turnaround


Export to over 20 countries


Based in Durham (UK)


Highly Skilled


30,000 SQFT Facility

Biomass Heating

Environmentally Friendly 620 Solar Panels & Biomass Heating

Multiple Patented Technologies

Patented Technologies

No Debt / No Borrowing

No Debt / No Borrowing


Lean and Efficient


4 Group Businesses


Award Winning

Target Zero Accidents

Zero Accidents

Stephen Pugh speaking to a local school
Our Value Proposition

Why do people buy from us?

High quality products. Quick Turnaround. Excellent service.

What makes us different, special or unique?

We have built our business around making your life as easy as possible.

What added value do we offer?

Same day dispatch. Up to 90 days payment terms. Confidence and piece of mind.

Visions and Values

Our aim is to reflect our client’s values and culture within our range of services, with a service based on quality, credibility, trust and safety. As a business we aim to:

Do something good in the community

Act with honesty and integrity

Promote and grow local employment

Promote quality of service

Get In Touch

Speak to George or Jill now on +44(0)1388 770 580 or

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